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Electronic seal systems

In accordance with the Federal Law№261-FZ, which is intended to regulate relations on energy conservation and energy efficiency, our company has identified the wireless exchange of information between technological devices as a key area of?? development and production of components and equipment for automated energy accounting (AEA) on the customer’s requirements with the use of solutions- M2M (Machine to Machine).

 Today’s automated systems of control and energy metering allows you to monitor and control the consumption of electricity, gas, heat and water for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. And one of the main components of these systems are two-way radio-modems, which carry out a survey, data collection and transmission of data from the devices, recording the information to the control center via GSM -network, network Ethernet, on the radio or PLC-channel.

The company «R & D Group» (LLC «RD Group») has completed research and has passed certification testing GSM / GPRS / ETHERNET modem series: «RESURS-10» GSM-modem and Ethernet/RS485»RESURS-09» GSM-modem RS485 for use in ASCPA systems. (Certificate of RU.AV75.N00819 number 0650167).

Nowadays the specialists of «R & D Group» plan to finish the development of PLC –modem «RESURS-11″ for ASCPA systems that will meet customers’ requirements for the transfer of data from different points of consumption in the control center.

As future project of this year, we can name launch of the transmitting and receiving radio»RESURS-12″ in the 2400-2483.5MHz band.

Our team of engineers of the engineering center is willing to consider any ideas and suggestions on mutually beneficial cooperation from energy supply companies, electrical companies and enterprises developing software for the automation of commercial and technical energy to the WEM and RRE (ASCPA, AMRASTUE, etc).