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Научно-исследовательские и опытно-конструкторские работы

Sensors and control systems

Developing the system of satellite GPS / GLONASS monitoring, we faced a deficit of budgetary high-quality sensors and control systems. In this regard, we have carried out a lot of negotiations with the producers of control sensors – market leaders («TS Sensor», «TEKHNOTON», SC «Peregrine», «Advantage Pressure Pro», «S & T / Suzhou Sate Auto Electronic Co», «SPRING machine control», «LIONAX / Kysonix Inc.», which resulted in the dealer prices received and implemented the adaptation of the sensor to our satellite systems.

In parallel, the specialists of our design office have completed the work on the creation of sensors and systems of our own design:
•   Ultrasonic fuel level sensor (option to be installed inside the tank);
•   Encoder presence of the passenger (for taxis);
•   Universal sensor lifting mechanisms UDPM-2011 (Tilt detector);
•    The temperature sensor.