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On-board weighing systems

OEM –acronym, formed from the English expression “original equipment manufacturing”, which means a system of relations between firms (enterprises), in which the manufacturer- on the one hand makes this or that item to order and specification for the other side- the owner of the trademark (brand) and in the future, the customer uses and sells these products under his brand.

Making OEM product – is a service that allows any company to produce the goods under its own brand that accurately reflects her drawings, design, quality characteristics without any capital investment in production. In our case, we suggest you to design and manufacture a specialized OEM modules and finished products according to your requirements and under your brand. A logo of your company on the housing and printed circuit board are possible, bar coding and other markings on your decision. Privacy  of cooperation is guaranteed. Send us the detailed information about your project and we will form a proposal for the development and delivery of the product, taking into account the timing requirements implementation as soon as possible